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Secretary Yao Jun of Zhejiang Sci-tech University came to Barty to carry out school-enterprise cooperation

In order to deepen school-enterprise cooperation, on the morning of June 2, 2022, Yao Jun, deputy secretary of Zhejiang University of Science and Technology, and her team visited our company for the awarding ceremony of the “Barty Inspirational Scholarship”, the unveiling ceremony of the bronze medal of the school-enterprise party building community and alumni exchange activities.

Chairman Yan Yuqiang extended a warm welcome to the arrival of Secretary Yao Jun and her team. He stated his background, study and entrepreneurial experience, and truly explained the original intention of the “Barty Inspirational Scholarship”: to help students with excellent academic performance and poor family background He hoped that the students could continue to move forward with “gratitude”, and he also expressed his good wishes and confidence in this school-enterprise cooperation.

Secretary Yao Jun presented Chairman Yan Yuqiang with the banner of “Love Education, Co-education of Talents”, and thanked Barty for setting up scholarships and practice bases for supporting the education and personnel training of the School of Materials Science and Engineering of the University of Science and Technology. In his speech, Secretary Yao also expressed her hope to continue to deepen cooperation, accurately meet the needs of enterprises, and provide excellent talents for the society.

At the meeting, General Manager Du Ruilin, Director Liang Lin and Director Chen Yan of the University of Science and Technology awarded certificates to the students who won the “Barty Inspirational Scholarship” and expressed warm congratulations to the award-winning students.

He Huiyu and Zheng Ruiming, the student representatives of the scholarship recipients, shared their study experience and expressed their gratitude to Barty. They said they would continue to forge ahead with this encouragement and recognition, and at the same time expressed their gratitude to give back to others and society in the future.

Subsequently, Rao Shuaihui, Secretary of the Party Branch of our company, and Zhang Quan, Secretary of the Teaching and Labor Party Branch of the Department of Materials Engineering, University of Science and Technology signed the “School-Enterprise Party Building Community Cooperation Agreement”; General Manager Du Ruilin and Secretary of the Party Committee of the University of Science and Technology Yang Ying unveiled the school-enterprise party building community; Yu Qiuyi, director of resources, and Zhou Zhaodong, deputy secretary of the party committee of the University of Science and Technology, unveiled the internship base for college students, witnessing the breadth and depth of cooperation between our company and the University of Science and Technology.

Xu Guokai and Song Gao from the R&D Department of Barty, as alumni of the Zhejiang Sci-tech University, introduced their learning and scientific research process during their school days for the younger brothers and sisters. Suggestions were put forward with the work, discussions and exchanges were conducted with the teachers of the college, which strengthened the connection between Barty and Zhejiang Sci-tech University.

Finally, General Manager Du Ruilin led the University of Science and Technology to visit the company’s office area, laboratory and production workshop, and introduced the development overview and main products of Barty to everyone, so that the teachers and students of the University of Science and Technology had a more concrete understanding of Barty.

By setting up the “Barty Inspirational Scholarship” and cooperating with the establishment of college student practice bases, Barty Medical interpreted the corporate values of ” Gratitude · Dedication · Co-Creating · Win-Win · Sharing” with practical actions. Through this activity, Barty Medical unveiled a new chapter in medical enterprise management development, personnel training and giving back to society. In the future, Barty will keep its original intention and assume social responsibility. Wish that the cooperation between Barty Medical and Zhejiang Sci-tech University will illuminate the engineering study path of many students.