RantyTM Scoring PTA Balloon Catheter


  • Provide protection from torsional, radial and longitudinal stresses that can lead to vessel trauma.
  • Three spiral metal wires are fully wrapped, providing 360° precise and effective dilatation
  • Unique combination of controllable, effective dilatation and device safety
Recommended guide-wire 0.014″
Catheter length (mm) Balloon diameter (mm) Balloon Length(mm)
20 40 100 150 200
1300 2.00 K13020002014 K13020004014 K13020010014 K13020015014 X
2.50 K13025002014 K13025004014 K13025010014 K13025015014 X
3.00 K13030002014 K13030004014 K13030010014 K13030015014 X
3.50 K13035002014 K13035004014 K13035010014 K13035015014 X
4.00 X X K13040010014 K13040015014 K13040020014
5.00 X X K13050010014 K13050015014 K13050020014
6.00 X X K13060010014 K13060015014 K13060020014
1500 2.00 K15020002014 K15020004014 K15020010014 K15020015014 X
2.50 K15025002014 K15025004014 K15025010014 K15025015014 X
3.00 K15030002014 K15030004014 K15030010014 K15030015014 X
3.50 K15035002014 K15035004014 K15035010014 K15035015014 X
Recommended guide-wire 0.018 “
Catheter length (mm) Balloon diameter (mm) Balloon Length(mm)
20 40 100 150 200
500 4.00 K05040002018 K05040004018 K05040010018 K05040015018 X
5.00 K05050002018 K05050004018 K05050010018 K05050015018 X
6.00 K05060002018 K05060004018 K05060010018 K05060015018 X
7.00 K05070002018 K05070004018 K05070010018 K05070015018 X
8.00 K05080002018 K05080004018 K05080010018 K05080015018 X
900 4.00 K09040002018 K09040004018 K09040010018 K09040015018 X
5.00 K09050002018 K09050004018 K09050010018 K09050015018 X
6.00 K09060002018 K09060004018 K09060010018 K09060015018 X
7.00 K09070002018 K09070004018 K09070010018 K09070015018 X
8.00 K09080002018 K09080004018 K09080010018 K09080015018 X
1300 2.00 K13020002018 K13020004018 K13020010018 K13020015018 X
2.50 K13025002018 K13025004018 K13025010018 K13025015018 X
3.00 K13030002018 K13030004018 K13030010018 K13030015018 X
3.50 K13035002018 K13035004018 K13035010018 K13035015018 X
4.00 K13040002018 K13040004018 K13040010018 K13040015018 K13040020018
5.00 . K13050002018 K13050004018 K13050010018 K13050015018 K13050020018
6.00 K13060002018 K13060004018 K13060010018 K13060015018 K13060020018
7.00 X K13070004018 X X X
 8.00 X K13080004018 X X X

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