HeetyTM Catheter Sheath Set


  • Stainless steel coils layer ensures strong support.
  • Diversified tip shapes and catheter lengths.
  • Radiopaque catheter with soft tip.
Model 4Fr 5Fr 6Fr 7Fr 8Fr 9Fr 10Fr 11Fr 12Fr
A QA040070A QA050070A QA060070A QA070070A QA080070A QA090070A QA100070A QA110070A
QA040100A QA050100A QA060100A QA070100A QA080100A QA090100A QA100100A QA110100A
QA040160A QA050160A QA060160A QA070160A QA080160A QA090160A QA100160A QA110160A
QA040250A QA050250A QA060250A QA070250A QA080250A QA090250A QA100250A QA110250A
B QB040450A QB050450A QB060450A QB070450A QB080450A QB090450A QB100450A QB120450A
QB040550A QB050550A QB060550A QB070550A QB080550A QB090550A
QB040700A QB050700A QB060700A QB070700A QB080700A QB090700A
QB060800A QB070800A
QB040900A QB050900A QB060900A QB070900A  
QB041100A QB051100A QB061100A QB071100A  
QB060400B QB070400B QB080400B
QB050450C QB060450C QB070450C QB080450C QB090450C QB100450C QB120450C
QB040550C QB050550C QB060550C QB070550C QB080550C
QB040700C QB050700C QB060700C QB070700C QB080700C
QB050900C QB060900C
QB050450D QB060450D QB070450D
C QC040450A QC050450A QC060450A QC070450A QC080450A QC090450A QC100450A QC120450A
QC040550A QC050550A QC060550A QC070550A QC080550A QC090550A
QC040700A QC050700A QC060700A QC070700A QC080700A QC090700A
QC060800A QC070800A
QC040900A QC050900A QC060900A QC070900A
QC041100A QC051100A QC061100A QC071100A
QC060400B QC070400B QC080400B
QC050450C QC060450C QC070450C QC080450C QC090450C QC100450C QC120450C
QC040550C QC050550C QC060550C QC070550C QC080550C
QC040700C QC050700C QC060700C QC070700C QC080700C
QC050900C QC060900C
QC050450D QC060450D QC070450D
D QD060800A QD070800A
QD040900A QD050900A QD060900A QD070900A QD080900A
QD041100A QD051100A QD061100A QD071100A
QD060450B QD070450B
QD050550C QD060550C QD070550C
QD050550D QD060550D QD070550D

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