Leety TM PTCA Balloon Catheter


  • Small size balloon catheter for CTO lesions
  • BSL hydrophilic coating technology
  • Advanced laser welding technology to realize seamless connection between distal and proximal shaft
Balloon Diameter(mm) Balloon Length(mm)
5 8 10 12 15 17 20 26 30
1.00 PN10005 PN10008 PN10010 PN10012 PN10015 PN10017 PN10020 PN10026 PN10030
1.25 PN12505 PN12508 PN12510 PN12512 PN12515 PN12517 PN12520 PN12526 PN12530
1.50 PN15005 PN15008 PN15010 PN15012 PN15015 PN15017 PN15020 PN15026 PN15030
1.75 PN17505 PN17508 PN17510 PN17512 PN17515 PN17517 PN17520 PN17526 PN17530
2.00 PN20005 PN20008 PN20010 PN20012 PN20015 PN20017 PN20020 PN20026 PN20030
2.25 PN22505 PN22508 PN22510 PN22512 PN22515 PN22517 PN22520 PN22526 PN22530
2.50 PN25005 PN25008 PN25010 PN25012 PN25015 PN25017 PN25020 PN25026 PN25030
2.75 PN27505 PN27508 PN27510 PN27512 PN27515 PN27517 PN27520 PN27526 PN27530
3.00 PN30005 PN30008 PN30010 PN30012 PN30015 PN30017 PN30020 PN30026 PN30030
3.25 PN32505 PN32508 PN32510 PN32512 PN32515 PN32517 PN32520 PN32526 PN32530
3.50 PN35005 PN35008 PN35010 PN35012 PN35015 PN35017 PN35020 PN35026 PN35030
4.00 PN40005 PN40008 PN40010 PN40012 PN40015 PN40017 PN40020 PN40026 PN40030

* NP=6atm , RBP=14atm

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