ContyTM Guide Catheter


  • Large inner lumen facilitates device delivery.
  • Three layers design offers kink-resistance and strong support.
  • Four segment tubing provides excellent pushability and crossability.
Model Size of Catheter
5Fr 6Fr 7Fr 8Fr
RDC D-RDC-05060 D-RDC-06060 D-RDC-07060 D-RDC-08060
D-RDC-05065 D-RDC-06065 D-RDC-07065 D-RDC-08065
D-RDC-05080 D-RDC-06080 D-RDC-07080 D-RDC-08080
D-RDC-05090 D-RDC-06090 D-RDC-07090 D-RDC-08090
D-RDC-05100 D-RDC-06100 D-RDC-07100 D-RDC-08100
D-RDC-05110 D-RDC-06110 D-RDC-07110 D-RDC-08110
D-RDC-05125 D-RDC-06125 D-RDC-07125 D-RDC-08125
MP D-MP-05060 D-MP-06060 D-MP-07060 D-MP-07060
D-MP-05065 D-MP-06065 D-MP-07065 D-MP-08065
D-MP-05080 D-MP-06080 D-MP-07080 D-MP-08080
D-MP-05090 D-MP-06090 D-MP-07090 D-MP-08090
D-MP-05100 D-MP-06100 D-MP-07100 D-MP-08100
D-MP-05110 D-MP-06110 D-MP-07110 D-MP-08110
D-MP-05125 D-MP-06125 D-MP-07125 D-MP-08125

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