Ultra Leety TM High Pressure PTCA Balloon Catheter


  • High rated burst pressure, suitable for complex lesions
  • Three-Layers shaft provides strong support and reduces guide wire pushing resistance.
  • Tapered Soft Tip reduces vascular stimulations
 Balloon Diameter(mm) Balloon Length(mm)
8 10 12 15 18
2.00 PG20008 PG20010 PG20012 PG20015 PG20018
2.25 PG22508 PG22510 PG22512 PG22515 PG22518
2.50 PG25008 PG25010 PG25012 PG25015 PG25018
2.75 PG27508 PG27510 PG27512 PG27515 PG27518
3.00 PG30008 PG30010 PG30012 PG30015 PG30018
3.25 PG32508 PG32510 PG32512 PG32515 PG32518
3.50 PG35008 PG35010 PG35012 PG35015 PG35018
3.75 PG37508 PG37510 PG37512 PG37515 PG37518
4.00 PG40008 PG40010 PG40012 PG40015 PG40018
4.50 PG45008 PG45010 PG45012 PG45015 PG45018

* NP=12atm, RBP=22atm

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